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All About Contact Lenses
Eye Health
At ECG our doctors evaluate all aspects of the contact lens patient, including ocular health, comfort and vision. When fitting for contact lenses we need to consider the type of lens material, wearing regimen, and lens care solutions.

To ensure your long-term success with contacts, we will:

  • Evaluate your visual acuity with your current contact lenses
  • Determine any contact lens prescription change
  • Evaluate the fit of your current contact lenses
  • Microscopically assess the health of the front surface of your eyes
  • Measure the characteristics of your cornea
  • Review the results of your evaluation and discuss your available options
    Contact Lens Care

Lens Care
Contact lenses are medical devices that require a prescription. Proper care is necessary for successful wear and good eye health. Remember, like any prescription device, contact lenses must be monitored on a regular basis.

Types of Contact Lenses
Soft contact lenses are the most common type of lenses worn. They come in daily, 2 week, and one month intervals. We are able to fit single vision, multifocal, and astigmatic prescriptions.

Specialty Lenses

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