As a convenience for our patients, we have invited the surgeons from Eye Associates of Southern Indiana to frequent each of our offices for consultations.
Meet these specialists…


Dr. Black's Eye Associates
Meet Our Team
Dr. J. Thomas Lisle, O.D.

Dr. J. Thomas Lisle
Meet Dr. Lisle…

Dr. Margaret A. Lisle, O.D.

Dr. Margaret A. Lisle
Meet Dr. Lisle…

Dr. Linda Fischer, O.D.

Dr. Linda L. Fischer
Meet Dr. Fischer…

Dr. Richard Fox, O.D.

Dr. Richard Fox
Meet Dr. Fox…

Dr. Robert Kirkpatrick, O.D.

Dr. Robert Kirkpatrick
Meet Dr. Kirkpatrick…

Dr. Elizabeth Newman, O.D.

Dr. Elizabeth Newman
Meet Dr. Newman…

Dr. Tyler Pietrykowski, O.D.

Dr. Tyler Pietrykowski
Meet Dr. Pietrykowski…

in our Practice

Dr. Bradley C. Black

Dr. Bradley C. Black
Meet Dr. Black…

Dr. Kristopher Pugh

Dr. Kristopher Pugh
Meet Dr. Pugh…

Dr. Jacob J. Yunker

Dr. Jacob J. Yunker
Meet Dr. Yunker…

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